Consequently US cloud providers do not comply with strict. German privacy protection laws and should not be used by German schools.

Two issues were specifically criticiz:

  1. US authorities can access

    data stored in the European cloud without the German government having control over it Australia Accountant Email Lists Office 365 and Windows 10, a lot of telemetry data is collected and transmitted to Microsoft without Microsoft giving satisfactory information about what is recorded and transferred.

Based on statements from the Dutch and German privacy watchdogs, schools and universities in the Netherlands and Germany must not use Google email or cloud services.

Instead, it is recommend to use a European email service such as Tutanota.

In addition to complying with strict data protection regulations. Tutanota all data is stored encrypted on German servers, making Tutanota fully GDPR compliant .

e note that Google can process returns up to 90 days after the ad click. It is therefore preferable to regularly update your Google Sheets file with new returns.

Most email encryption guides

Dauntingly long and complex, as is the process of setting up end-to-end encryption with an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook. This email encryption guide is different: It lets you send your first end-to-end encrypted email in seconds, right after you’ve finished reading. It is a promise!

Email encryption has been very cumbersome since its inception in the 1990s. That’s why email encryption guides like this one or this one have become very popular .

These guides explain email encryption in great detail, but unfortunately this doesn’t help if you don’t want to spend hours setting up email encryption before trying to send your first end-to-end encrypted email.


Australia Accountant Email Lists

That is why we have

Developed Tutanota. Tutanota is an encrypted email service that makes email encryption so easy that you don’t need any guidance. However, we want to provide you with a simple email encryption guide that will help you send your first encrypted email as soon as you finish reading.

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