2019 has begun, and whether or not you Argentina WhatsApp Number List have achieved the growth goals set in 2018, 2019 will come as always. Time showed a contemptuous expression, mocking you mercilessly. For most people, life is so cruel.

Can’t we do anything? wrong! At least we can change to a comfortable position~ (smiling)

First ask you a few questions:

  • What is the biggest difference between people?
  • Why are some people “big wise but stupid” while others are “big idiots and weak minds”?
  • What’s the fastest way to enter a new field or learn a new skill?
  • Do you often feel that you are tired of thinking, and you are always unable to make points?
  • Do you always have people you can’t see through, and there are always things you can’t figure out?

Like most people,

I have not achieved the growth Argentina WhatsApp Number List goals set for 2018. but! Failure to achieve goals does not mean that there is no growth.

In 18 years, I have learned a lot of concepts one after another. Such as: phenomenon, essence, dimension, insight, first principles, irrationality, biological emotion, etc. These concepts not only enrich the knowledge, but also prompt me to think more deeply.

Next, I will share with you the cognitive thinking model I have summarized, hoping to help you in improving your thinking ability. I call this thinking model a “cognitive map”. (The article is a little long, it is expected to read for 10 minutes, please read it patiently.)

(Some of the concepts in it are referenced or borrowed from me, and I will also indicate the source. If you are interested, you can view the original work.)

Cognitive thinking skills

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Argentina WhatsApp Number List

Are not innate and can be improved through exercise.

Every time you encounter a problem, think more deeply, and you can effectively exercise your thinking ability for a long time.

Is not it simple? Yes, it’s that simple. Often simple truths are the easiest to ignore, and people think they understand it because of its simplicity.

Please note that the word I use here is “understand”, not “understand”, and there is often a long distance between understanding and understanding. That’s why people always say “I know a lot of things, but I still can’t live my life well”.

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