This year he wants to surprise and build together with his entire community, clients, partners and employees fundamentally, as well as with the followers Hong Kong Email List of social networks , the end of the spot. Covirán leaves the end and its social networks open so that everyone can participate and help the creative team in the process of creating this ad. So that the audience can incorporate shared feelings, seek the essence and innovate together.It is a Hong Kong Email List new way of communicating, where everyone can learn and work in the company of a multitude of people. One or more of the content that is more creative, clear and original that Covirán receives over the next few weeks will be the ending chosen for this announcement.

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With the launch of this piece entitled “We Hong Kong Email List have to talk” Covirán wants to make a significant impact on society, connecting directly with the consumer.If we describe the spot, Covirán has transferred the vital experiences of a couple Hong Kong Email List where the future is full of moments related to feelings, family, friends, health, in short, life. The protagonists of the spot refer to all those things that they consider essential Hong Kong Email List and that they cannot have far.

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A spot that reminds us of Hong Kong Email List what is truly important and what Christmas really means, the people we love. The open ending of the spot adds a touch of intrigue, as well as creating in the audience the illusion of sharing and thinking together with many other people about the best options to give it a good ending . It is an original way of making a commercial that makes a difference among many others that will be launched on these dates to congratulate Christmas. The campaign has been based on social networks, internal channels, and communication media, creating exclusive Hong Kong Email List spaces in a simple and direct way.

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