As a matter of fact, Editor’s introduction: Nowadays, many software have game pages, mainly in e-commerce software, using the game mechanism to Greece Phone Number retain users and improve click-through rates; the first two authors introduced e-commerce game theory and gameplay design, the author of this article shared about Let’s take a look at the interactive design of e-commerce game topics.As a matter of fact,  The previous two articles introduced the design theory and gameplay design of e-commerce games Greece Phone Number respectively. Interested students can pay attention. Special Topic on E-Commerce Games.

 Game Layout Greece Phone Number

Game Theory E-commerce game topic  gameplay design Today, let’s analyze the details of the interaction design of e-commerce games. Greece Phone Number This article contains 3 aspects: game layout Game view settings game interaction 1. Game layout 1. As a matter of fact, Immersive experience For game products that emphasize the “flow” experience, immersion is usually a necessary design method; on the one hand, it can build the integrity of the game, create a game atmosphere, and help users immerse in it; on the other hand, it can increase the content of the page. As a matter of fact, Bearing space to deliver Greece Phone Number more information to users. 2. Layout structure E-commerce games have no complicated gameplay, and the content is relatively clear.

Layout Structure Greece Phone Number

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Not only … but also, which can be divided  three major content modules: game operation, function expansion, and marketing activities. E-commerce Greece Phone Number Game Topic 03-Interaction Design Usually, operational activities are displayed first in the upper left of the game, which is conducive to enhancing user perception; the right side is the game auxiliary area, including information such as strategy, dynamics, and costumes;  Which can reduce user memory costs. The horizontal  arrangement of buttons is convenient for users to browse and operate frequently. Page structure and content layout will affect users’ perception of product value.



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