That blue “hat” is a quirky one. It has a supporting Bahrain WhatsApp Number List role and embodies the process of brainstorming itself. It starts the session and finishes the session. The white, yellow, black, red and green “hats” represent different ways of interpreting reality.

For example, red symbolizes intuition and emotional perception. When the black hat was opened, participants awakened their internal “project manager” to view the subject through concepts such as budget, schedule, cost, and revenue.

There are various “hat” modes

depending on the target. We wanted to try all the “hats” and chose a general, multipurpose order:



Now practice itself. Each slide is a cheat sheet with tasks and prompts. When a new step begins and an appropriate slide appears on Bahrain WhatsApp Number List the screen, a facilitator starts a timer. Some steps are longer in duration; others are shorter. For example, it is easy to agree on a theme formulation and canvas, but writing down ideas is a more time-consuming activity.

When participants saw a “hat” slide (except the blue one), they were to generate an idea, write it on sticky notes, and write the notes on a whiteboard, loose-leaf or paper. For example, displaying a yellow “hat” on the screen. People put on their yellow paper hats and think about what’s good and good about the topic right now, and why it might be useful or attractive. 

They write these ideas succinctly

Bahrain WhatsApp Number List
Bahrain WhatsApp Number List

on sticky notes of the corresponding color (black “caps” – any dark color will work, so you don’t need to buy special white markers). All sticky notes of the same color should be placed in the corresponding column of the canvas.


The last step does not follow the original technique. We think it’s pointless to stick to dozens of colored notes and call it a day. We’ve added an Affinity Sorting section that aims to summarize ideas and bring their implementation moments closer. The team had to find notes about similar things, group them into clusters and give each cluster a name.

For example, in the topic “Improvements of Designer Office Infrastructure”, my colleagues created clusters of “Chair Ergonomics”, “Floor and Walls”, “Hardware Upgrades”, etc.

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