“One thing is to be with virtual reality glasses in a place and another is to be able to hug someone or give them a pat on the back,” he says. “Our jacket is Cambodia Email List compatible with all platforms, so you can feel if you watch a movie or play on your mobile, on your computer, in virtual reality. It gives you that immersive touch, even if you don’t have virtual reality, “he says.The brand is already in contact with Sony, Facebook or Microsoft, but has chosen Cambodia Email List to attend the Web Summit to strengthen those relationships. “We are here to make contacts, generate synergies and collaborations ,

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if possible with metaverses, with Cambodia Email List other video game companies or other large companies such as Siemens,” says the OWO Game professional, who plans to launch this jacket in October 2022 , although it is in pre-order.Another topic that was not lacking in the meeting was the purpose of brands. Of that, precisely, was the presentation of Gonzalo Brujó , president of Cambodia Email List Interbrand . “ Brands have to bring significant value to society . It is not only about growing or paying dividends, but how they can contribute to society. Brands have to change this way of how they interact with consumers and governments ”, he assures MarketingDirecto.com.

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If you cannot correctly view the Cambodia Email List embedded video, click hereThe opportunities offered by an event like Web Summit The attendees of the Web Summit , whether they are investment funds, startups or established brands, are aware of the opportunities offered by a meeting like this. “You get a lot of startup ideas that can be replicated in your country,” says Ismael El-Qudsi , CEO of SocialPubli . “These are business models that perhaps do not yet exist in Spain , or you Cambodia Email List can seek alliances by being classified by areas,” he points out, and later admits that agreements can be closed “because they are usually very open people.”

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