Will you simply post a text? Are you taking a selfie and adding a text overlay? Is it a video? While text can work, most platforms accept or do best with a Catalan Email List graphic. There are many places to find free and low-cost graphics. Once you have the graphic you want to use, you need to edit it for posting.The difficulty in using graphics is that each network has its own recommended size, and often those change. Resources such as Canva (which offers free Catalan Email List and paid graphics as well) or Picmonkey make designing graphics for social media easy. Just select the platform you’re wanting a picture for (i.e. Facebook) and the right size template will be provided. Next, add the image Catalan Email List and any text you want such as the title of or a quote from your blog post, or an inspirational saying.

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If you want to use the same image across platforms, you need to resize them to fit. Canva offers resizing in it’s paid service. Or, you can use an image Catalan Email List resizer like the one at Sprout Social or Internet Marketing Ninjas, to crop and adjust your images for each network you use.You don’t have to share your content once and then forget as you create new content. Instead, you can repost past content over and over. For example, you might Tweet Catalan Email List your various blog quotes with a link to the post once a day over the next three days. After that, you might post it again once a month.

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When it comes to posting, watch Catalan Email List that you don’t over post to certain networks. For example, you can get away with sending many Tweets (various content, not just your posts) a day, but that doesn’t work well on LinkedIn, in which over posting can annoy your followers.Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick in their book, The Art of Social Media (get the ebook as the print version doesn’t have URLs to all resources mentioned) recommend casual social media users post to Catalan Email List Facebook 1-2 times, Google+ 3-4 times, LinkedIn 1 time, Pinterest 6 times and Twitter 8-12 times a day. These numbers double for hard core users.

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