Depending on the results that the partners have obtained from their interaction with IKEA during these 25 years, through the newsletter, participants will have Germany Email Database access to different promotions, with redeemable coupons and will enter the raffle for 25 € 100 gift cards for spend.Developed by the MRM agency and under the message “25 years together”,This action takes place within the framework of the brand’s 25th anniversary in Spain, which it has been celebrating throughout this year. «From IKEA Family we want to recognize our partners for the loyalty they Germany Email Database have shown in these 25 years that IKEA has been in Spain. For this reason, through a fun and inspiring website, we wanted to give our members curious information about their connection with IKEA and the time invested in our stores,

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as well as assembling our furniture Germany Email Database or eating our Swedish delicacies. Through our IKEA Family club we thank our members with this action for the trust they have placed in us over all these years. It is important for us to offer actions that add value to the club and that create an emotional bond with the brand. We will continue betting in this direction », he explains,Gabriel Ladaria Germany Email Database Marketing Director at IKEA Spain.This experience is part of the actions of the IKEA Family loyalty club, which has more than eight million members in Spain.

Germany Email Database
López de Jorge arrives to advise Germany Email Database the client on the various products of the agency, among which the events stand out, a rapidly growing business line of the media associated with Hadoq: Confilegal , a leading legal media outlet, Dircomfidencial, a media specialized in marketing and communication as well as the regional Madrid365.Julieta Lopez Jorge has extensive experience in the communication sector, where he has worked for more than 20 years in leading Germany Email Database companies such as DARE, The Valley, or Comunica + A . Between 2002 and 2012, he promoted and directed the Intereconomía Foundation and the group’s School of Finance. In 2015 he founded the VEC Conferences , which for six years have altruistically disseminated issues about humanist leadership. Among the recognitions he has received are the “Alares Awards” for his projects on reconciling work, family and personal life.

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