To be followed. This can adversely affect production. The good news is that there are alternatives to russian gas.The capacity of the liquefied gas terminal. Allows to ensure the consumption of gas in the baltic states under favorable conditions for the. Production of alternative energy resources in the region.It is uncertain whether europe will be able to. Attract the required amount of liquefied gas. In addition, the current gas interconnection capacity. Between latvia and lithuania appears to be insufficient. We also do not know how high the price will. Be, so we need to think about reducing consumption, investing.

Production Components and Supply

Difficulties will make companies more cautious about investing. In turn, public investment will be. Facilitated by european union funding. There is a significant slowdown in economic growth, but other. Scenarios are possible high inflation, combined with supply-side challenges and the France Phone Number commitment of. Central banks to reduce monetary policy support, means a significant slowdown in growth in latvia this. Year and next. Both household consumption and private investment activity and export performance are. Expected to weaken, but it is currently difficult to assess to what extent. Uncertainty is very high. And more unfavorable economic development scenarios are possible, where growth stops or is even negative. However, there are also positive risks to economic development.

Will Be Ensured by Investments in Strengthening

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Energy security and energy efficiency, renewable energy resources, as well as defense.The ability of. Russian, belarusian and ukrainian companies to offer their products will decrease in the region. This could allow latvian producers in sectors such as woodworking, metalworking and food production to. Increase their market shares, provided that the issue of raw materials is resolved.In addition, the demand for firewood will increase due to, for example, the european green exchange rate and high gas. Prices. If the weather is favorable for agricultural yields and fertilizers are sufficient, we can expect. That cereals will increase their total export turnover in early autumn and that producers will benefit from.

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