Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda also announced the company’s goal at the end of last year to increase the global sales of Toyota’s electric vehicles to 3.5 million by 2030. However, Tesla in the United States has invested heavily in self-developed chips and on-board batteries in the past 10 years. By 2022, it has four production bases in the United States (California, Texas), China (Shanghai), and Germany (suburbs of Berlin). , forming a mass production system of electric vehicles with an annual output of more than 1 million units. China’s BYD Automobile Co. sold 590,000 new energy vehicles in 2021. Stimulated by the rapid rise of Tesla,

Volkswagen in Germany has formally

formed an electric vehicle mass production system focusing on the German and Chinese markets. Compared with them, the Japanese auto industry, which has long maintained a dominant position in the Kenya Phone Number List competition, has lagged behind in terms of building and improving the domestic supply chain of electric vehicle parts in Japan. This article will focus on the above background and the issues facing the Japanese auto industry. The background of the surge in electric vehicle production capacity in Europe, America and China The reasons for the rapid expansion of EV production in the early 2020s vary across China, the US and Europe. First of all, in the United States, Tesla has undoubtedly contributed to the expansion of production capacity.

The highly capable entrepreneur and immigrant

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South Africa, Elon Musk, proposed the idea of ​​”building a sustainable energy system”, including the construction of a supply system for renewable energy such as solar power generation, and launched a mass-produced electric vehicle in 2012 —Tesla Model S. In the following 10 years, it has released four models (S, X, 3, Y) successively, and has grown into a brand that keeps pace with the three major high-end car brands in the United States – Daimler, BMW and LEXUS. It ignited a fire from California for the popularity of electric vehicles in the United States. In this regard, the three major American auto giants such as GM and Ford have also officially expanded their electric vehicle production system in an all-round way to match the Biden administration’s emphasis on addressing climate change.

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