With new ones”. This is because there are Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List some human needs hidden behind many habits. For example, many people habitually smoke to excrete pain or boredom. If you delete this habit directly, it will often “rebound” after a period of time. Therefore, while quitting smoking, you can cultivate fitness or other hobbies to meet this part of the needs.

2.3 Gradually change habits

If a habit is too difficult for you at the moment, reduce the difficulty first. And then increase the difficulty after reaching that goal. For example: you want to develop the habit of . Exercising for an hour a day”, but you always feel very tired after 3 days. And feel a sense of rejection. You can first achieve the goal of “exercise 6 days a week. Half an hour a day”, and then moderately increase the goal.

2.4 Use experiments to check whether a habit is good or bad

After the 30-day training period Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List is reached, review the habits, keep good habits, and discard or improve habits that do not improve productivity. For example: some people are too aggressive and compress sleep time. Although the goal of “getting up early” is achieved, they are always in a sluggish state during the day at work, which reduces productivity. Then this habit needs to be considered whether to abandon or adjust.

(3) Worry about delay

Why doesn’t the human heart like to postpone? Charlie Munger has a profound insight into human nature, which is “consistency”, people hate inconsistency, if the actual completion time does not match the planned completion time, people will feel uncomfortable.

So why are projects or tasks always delayed

Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List
Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List

and completed in practice? There is a law called: Hofstadter’s Law, which means “it always takes more time than you think”, which means “in most cases, your expected construction period is always longer than the actual construction period. Short, delay is a higher probability event.” Therefore, when the deadline is set and the deadline is postponed, you must accept it with a normal heart, “do your best and obey the destiny”, and allow the extension to exist within a certain range.

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