Everyone come on in and have a seat, we will be starting this discussion a little behind schedule due to the fact we have a full-house here today. If anyone has a spare seat next to them, will you please raise your hands, we need to get some of these folks in back a seat.

So standard that the plugin is on a new website without too much thought. That’s what Frank van Dijk did until recently. Because why would you consider another tool? Yet he now advocates competitor Rank Math as an alternative. And is that this will get more out of your strategy than with.

Data Recovery Services

An article about the paradox that while sound data is fundamental to the smooth operation of every modern organisation, and essential to the success of their transformational change initiatives, it is all too frequently VP Technical Email Lists treated as a semi-trivial ‘technical’ issue that is best left to ‘techies’… whose advice is then either not sought or ignored.

Whether you want to learn a new language this summer or check the weather forecasts before you go out. Want to organize your photos or loyalty cards, or are looking for entertainment: Frankwatching colleague  Sanne Bekkema collected 10 useful and fun apps to summer to try. How about PackPoint, which helps you put together your packing list?

Chief and VP of Technical Email Lists

Constitute a Business Opportunity

The Data Protection Act is a  Act of Parliament which defines. UK law on the handling of data relating to identifiable living people. Financial services firms are required by law to adhere to the eight principles of the Act and are by the. Financial Services Authority (FSA) to do so. However, a worryingly low

A lot is written about works. But, says Rik Mulder, the theme seems so hot that it sometimes seems as if no one wants to burn their fingers on it. Many organizations do not yet have a concrete policy for hybrid working. In his article, Rik shares 5 things that you can do as a communication professional to facilitate hybrid working, pending organization-wide policy.

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