Live Streaming (LS) is increasingly popular. Various social media platforms also recognize this and start having live streaming features. Twitter has its own streaming app known as Periscope . Facebook and Instagram introduced live streaming features in late 2015 and 2016. With live streaming, you can interact with your audience directly. To find out more about livestreaming, let’s read further in this article! Contents [ hide ] 1 What is Live  2 Why Do You Need to Live Stream? 2.1 To provide fresh content 2.2 Building brand personality and engagement 2.3 Build brand awareness and your audience 3 Live Streaming Tips and Tricks 3.1 Select the platform you want 3.2 Keep preparing 3.3 Promote your live streaming event 3.4 Provide exclusive content for participants 4 Conclusion What is Live Streaming.

What is Live Streaming

You just need to turn on the camera and then start recording whenever you want. Live streaming is also interactive so that the audience can immediately leave comments and reactions while your video is in progress. Apart from that, your account followers will also get notifications every time you do a live stream. Usually, the video after it’s finished will also Spain Phone Number List be saved immediately so you can watch it again. That way, your friends who missed your video can watch it too. Why Do You Need to Live Stream? Live streaming is also a type of content marketing and is needed to achieve a goal, for example, such as providing information to your audience in the form of a webinar or Q&A session.

Why Do You Need to Live Stream

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Here are three reasons why you need to live stream. To provide fresh content With live streaming, you can provide fresh and spontaneous content. Because live streaming content cannot be edited, the “raw” or raw video also gives a new impression to your audience. Apart from that, with live streaming, you can also share interesting news such as India Lead discounts, promotions or new product info directly. For a content creator who needs to do a review, live streaming can also help you provide real-time content. For example, if there is a new product and you need to do a review, you can give a quick real-time review.

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