In this HelloMasters Podcast, I chat with Ace & Tate Marketing Director Sean Peron. “We call ourselves the eyewear brand for Generations Y & Z, bringing the experience to life with a certain aesthetic that we hope will inspire our Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List customer,” says Sean Peron, director of marketing.

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We don’t have stunts like ‘3 glasses for the price of 1’.”With its focus on omnichannel, Ace & Tate is definitely a brand for the youth. You can have an eye test and try on glasses from home. All online. Still, with 70 stores, it is starting to become a well-known player in the retail sector. Ace & Tate started 7 years ago and is active in 10 countries with more than 700 employees.

Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List
Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List

Sean was born Market Podcast

In the US and a citizen of the world who has worked and lived in 5 countries. Prior to Ace & Tate, he worked as a fashion/lifestyle marketer for iconic brands such as G-Star RAW and Adidas. “Glasses follow me all my life,” Sean says. He worked for another eyewear company and is now responsible for branding, campaigns, social media, and the online multichannel customer journey at Ace & Tate.

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