The Altice Arena in Lisbon is hosting a new edition of Web Summit until November 4 . For yet another year, industry professionals gather at one of the Dubai Email List largest technological meetings in the world, which this time has reached 40,000 tickets sold. This installment is being starred, above all, by cryptocurrencies and the need to acquire sustainable strategies. But, of course, the metaverse has not been lacking either , that concept that Facebook has Dubai Email List brought back to the fore.

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Even Martin Sorrell , CEO of S4 Dubai Email List Capital, has dedicated a space of his talk at Web Summit to talk about this topic that keeps the world in suspense. “Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are areas that are sending and leading the development of the metaverse”, he Dubai Email List stated during his presentation ‘ Advertising 2022 : What’s hot and what’s not?’.“This development has to be accompanied by a search for trust in the platform. Google did the same with the name change of Alphabet and Facebook is doing it for greater power and growth of the margins that Dubai Email List the existing platform had, “he says.

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The British businessman was optimistic Dubai Email List about the future for two reasons. On the one hand, the growth of world GDP and, on the other, the advance of digital transformation. “The pandemic was disastrous for many companies, such as banks and other holding companies, but it changed the path of acceleration, which is now moving much faster,” he says. Martin Sorrell assures that companies that do not adopt digitization “are going to have problems” Martin Sorrell also noted that Dubai Email List by 2023 companies that do not embrace digitization “are going to have problems . ” “Digital transformation affects three functions: sales, marketing and information and communications technology. The traditional advertising business is now based on data, ”he says.

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