Consider how the other person cost you and be realistic. If there was little damage, the amount you get won’t be much. Can You Reasonably Expect to Get Your Money From the Defendant? In many small claims cases, the party that gets the judgment—the Tunisia WhatsApp Number List court’s decision on the amount owed—has a difficult time getting the money because the defendant has nothing to give. As the old adage goes, “you can’t get blood from a stone.” Is the Other Party Continuing to Harm You or Your Business? You may need to get an injunction even before starting a Tunisia WhatsApp Number List lawsuit––or at the same time––to keep the other party from doing something to harm you. For example, in a trademark case, you might need to stop someone from using your company’s trademark. An injunction is a court order, and you will need an attorney to create the injunction and get the court to enforce it2 .

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Steps in a Civil Lawsuit: Doing It Yourself Determine who you are suing, as noted above. You will need to go through the process for all parties and the process must be followed for each party. Then find the right jurisdiction. You must figure out the court Tunisia WhatsApp Number List where the lawsuit must be tried; the jurisdiction. Jurisdiction may depend on where the defendant or the plaintiff lives or where the event took place. Jurisdiction may also be based on the type of case, like small claims, or the type of crime, like defamation. Jurisdiction gets complicated in internet lawsuits and in Tunisia WhatsApp Number List cases where there are multiple parties involved.3 Create a demand letter explaining your case and exactly what you want (usually in money). This letter is for the court and the defendant. Complete the court forms and register your claim with the court.

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The forms and filing process depends on the jurisdiction. Court costs are involved here. Get a date on the court calendar. Serve papers Tunisia WhatsApp Number List on the defendant, including a summons to appear in court on the date set by the court and your demand letter. Usually, an officer of the court (a sheriff, for example) serves the papers. All of these steps are different depending on the Tunisia WhatsApp Number List jurisdiction and each party you are suing must have a copy of the demand letter and be served with papers. State laws usually apply, and every state has its own specific processes, forms, and court costs.

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