«The solidarity tableware against hunger».In this initiative, solidarity and art go hand in hand for a common goal: to end hunger. For this, we Djibouti Email List have had the talent of 24 artists from different disciplines who, through crafts, seek to eradicate this social problem. Action Against Hunger uses art to help those most in need “We wanted to reinvent the business Djibouti Email List acquisition model of an organization like ours,” explains Laura Fontanet, director of marketing and communication for Acción contra el Hambre , in the official presentation, which took place at Espacio Solo in Madrid.

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“We want to offer a new look Djibouti Email List at the problem of hunger , remove it from its context and turn it into a call for reflection on those who can eat every day, compared to those who do not have a plate on their table,” he says.«From the first moment, we wanted art to offer us new perspectives. And we wanted to do it on the basic utensils that we use to eat: a plate or Djibouti Email List a cup. Tableware objects that offer us a new look with the five senses, all of which we use to eat ”, he points out.

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Artists of The solidarity Djibouti Email List tableware against hunger The artists of «The solidarity tableware against hunger» During the presentation we were able to listen to 11 of the 24 artists who have collaborated in this project. Each of them has explained their piece and what they have been inspired by to design it. For example, illustrator Abe The Ape says that his design Djibouti Email List reminds him of his grandparents and that source of wealth that is the field that must be cared for The Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, CEOE, has just launched its new digital recruitment campaign #TrabagamosenDigital , for training in digital skills in the productive sector, and it has done so with the collaboration and expertise in performance of the independent agency Mi Querido Watson.

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