Covirán ends the year 2021 , celebrating its 60th anniversary with the same commitment and purpose as years ago, offering local supermarkets to its Iceland Email List partners and customers . Trusted supermarkets managed by committed and concerned entrepreneurs, not only about the operation of supermarkets, but also about the value it brings to the community and the environment, despite the difficult situations experienced .The vaccines that were punctured everywhere in the course Iceland Email List of the last twelve months seemed to subdue COVID-19 , the same virus that left the advertising industry bloodless almost two years ago and that once again puts the old continent in Iceland Email List check in the run-up to of the Christmas season.

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It is unknown how the new Iceland Email List onslaught of the pandemic will affect the marketing and advertising industry , which in 2021 again produced copious green shoots and was even above the pre-covid growth figures.Boosted by the recovery experienced in the course of the last year, the advertising industry once again set its sights on creativity contests in 2021 , which again Iceland Email List awarded prizes to spurs in the last twelve months (to massage, as the gossip says, the outrageous ego of advertising professionals).

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Whether in face-to-face, hybrid or Iceland Email List virtual format, a whole plethora of festivals have been held over the course of recent months (as in the best of times) and agencies and advertisements have once again attended them eager to bless their work with prizes (which they are, however, only one of the many factors that come into play when it comes to Iceland Email List tailoring creativity ).

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