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NotesObsidianPersonal Latvia Phone Number ProductivityCupboards Topical. The role of purpose or social impact in business is increasing all the time. According to 70% of C-suite leaders. The company’s purpose strategy strongly influences their role, a recent study shows . It is therefore not surprising that more and more Latvia Phone Number organizations. Have develop or are working on such a strategy. This development is not only due to the good will of companies. But above all from the growing awareness of consumers. And the growing nee for products that give them the feeling that. They as individuals contribute to a Latvia Phone Number better definition of a better world.

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Brand activism: do you dare to take sides? Suppose Latvia Phone Number something happens in the world that affects the values ​​and purpose of your brand. Do you stand up for your ideals as a brand and do you dare to take sides if necessary? Or are you, as a brand, so brave that you start the discussion to initiate social change? Brands like Nike and Patagonia weren’t afraid to make their voices heard. They took sides, stood up for their supporters Latvia Phone Number and let them hear a strong noise to the outside world. This is brand activism. An what are the ingrients for a Latvia Phone Number successful transmission of the message.

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