The technology was introduced in 1953 by Alex Algeria WhatsApp Number List Osborn, co-founder and leader of the global advertising agency network BBDO. Quick overview:

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Brainstorming workshop for the ELEKS design team


1. Use a slideshow with step-by-step instructions.

2. Standalone timer or laptop with online timer in full screen mode.

3. Standard yellow sticky notes (7 packs per group of 5-8 people).

4. A whiteboard, flipchart, or large sheet of paper on a desk or wall.

5. Have a black marker for each participant (if you choose this surface, the marker should be whiteboard safe).

7. Optional: Michael Mika (1 pack per team).


This method of brainstorming uses Algeria WhatsApp Number List various ways to modify objects. It is designed to activate inventory thinking, helping to optimize existing products or create entirely new ones.


Each letter in the acronym represents a specific transformation that can be applied to a brainstorming topic.


After the audience has no questions, you can start. First, team members agree on a theme development. Then they draw a canvas on a whiteboard or large sheet of paper.

Once the team sees a SCAMPER letter on the screen, they start generating ideas using the corresponding method: replace, combine, adapt, modify, etc. They write down their thoughts and paste their notes into the corresponding canvas columns.

Questions on the slides remind what each step means and help create a creative mood. Time constraints help focus instead of diving into discussions.

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Affinity Ranking –

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The final step is our designer’s contribution to the original technology. It pushes the team to start implementing. Otherwise, people quickly forget all valuable discoveries and go back to their usual state. Imagine how frustrating it would if the results of a two-hour thought process were shelved.

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THINKPAK Cards – This is a set of brainstorming cards created by Michael Michalko.

Thinkpak makes conversations more exciting with gamification. Each card represents a certain letter of SCAMPER. Participants shuffle the cards at will, taking turns taking cards, and coming up with corresponding ideas about the object. It is interesting to compete in a limited amount of time (eg, three to five minutes) for the number of ideas each participant generates for a given card.

My friends and I have tried brainstorming with or without Thinkpak. It has two ways. Cards are great for training inventory thinking. If your team has never been to a brainstorming session, it would be great to play the cards first and then switch to a business theme.

lessons learned

1. Begin.

People tend to be disappointed with brainstorming if their first meeting fails. Some of the people I work with have a bias against creativity, they think it’s a waste of time, or something that’s not scientifically proven. Fortunately, we tried all the techniques in-house – on the design team. So all the actual brainstorming sessions went well. Plus, our confidence helps others believe in the power of brainstorming exercises.

Brainstorming may fail if you invite people who have no relevant background or power and are willing to change anything. At one point, I invited a team of design professionals to conceive how to improve the process of selling design services to clients. They are inexperienced and cannot generate a lot of ideas. Fortunately, it was a training session and we easily changed the subject.

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