So, at work, always remind Egypt WhatsApp Number List yourself to “find shortcuts”. For example, when doing product design, if there is a good design methodology in the industry. You can integrate it into your own design guidelines, use it to practice, and then optimize it.

2.2.4 Confusion

Confusion is like a car driving without a clear direction, seemingly driving a lot of miles, but never reaching its destination. Similarly, at work, we want to avoid the learning and work inefficiency problems caused by the confusion of thinking. There are the following methods for reference:

Method 1: Distinguish between “creating” work and “destroying (refining) work.

  • Because of the characteristics Egypt WhatsApp Number List of the brain, it is difficult for us to “create” and “refine” work at the same time when we are thinking. For example: when writing, try not to just finish writing it. Go back and revise. But write in one go (creative work), then let it go for a few days, then revisit revisions (destructive work). For example, focus on asking questions when asking (asking more essential questions), and focus on answering questions Answering (seeking clues, leading to answers).
  • Method 2: Make the daily work process and draw the daily work process, which can make the routine work less mentally consuming. For example: make the work process of sorting out requirements, and then every time you receive a new requirement, you can execute it according to the process, so as to avoid thinking about how to do it, and at the same time, you can supplement and correct the process in the continuous practice feedback.

2.2.5 Organizational system confusion

Egypt WhatsApp Number List
Egypt WhatsApp Number List

Organizational systems are chaotic, like a bulky, old machine that is extremely inefficient and often uses a lot of energy. And a good organization system allows you to spend less attention and energy to achieve your goals. Many studies and work include organizational systems, such as computer folder classification, bookshelf organization, and even article structure. Everything that requires “design” may require “organizational philosophy”.

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