To set up a reward system. Reward appropriately Cyprus WhatsApp Number List when you follow your habits and accomplish your goals. Example: Reward yourself for going to the cinema to watch a movie after completing your day’s goals on Saturday. The reward mechanism for building a good habit is actually “tell” our subconscious that “this behavior is correct and worth continuing”, and when the subconscious “approves”, it will help you strengthen the habit.

How to eliminate worry?

(1) Too many fear tasks

If you are afraid of too Cyprus WhatsApp Number List many tasks, then limit the daily task limit. For example: Write down the 6 most important things of the day every morning, and if you complete these 6 things, stop the work for the day.

Setting the upper limit of tasks and abiding by the rules is essentially signing a “contract” with the brain, telling the brain “I will keep my promise, and I will no longer consume your resources after completion”, so as to avoid the brain’s “resistance” and cause delays and other problems

(2) Fear that it is difficult to break old bad habits

Eighty or ninety percent of a person’s daily behavior comes from habits (unconscious actions). Therefore, cultivating good habits and changing bad habits is an important homework in one’s life.

Here are a few principles to consider when developing a habit:

2.1 30 days to change a habit

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Cyprus WhatsApp Number List

Don’t have unrealistic expectations about the speed of habit building, keep calm, focus on building a good habit for 30 days, and if it breaks, reset to zero and re-time until it reaches 30 days. After 30 days of strict implementation, the behavior becomes inertia, and it no longer consumes too much brain power. At this time, you can flexibly adjust your habits (for example, get up at 6 o’clock every day, adjust to 6 o’clock on weekdays, and 7 o’clock on weekends), even when you discover When this habit is not suitable for you, just give up.

Note: During the 30-day training period, don’t talk about “flexible changes”, and after you develop “muscle memory”, talk about flexible adjustments. Secondly, if your self-management skills are poor, keep in mind “cultivating one habit at a time”. If your attention is spent on developing multiple habits, it will easily lead to nothing.

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