I have removed thousands of photos of Andreas. I hope he hasn’t thrown them away Finally know that my opinion like any opinion on artistic matters is not unique or infallible. But it is not possible to proceed without an opinion and an opinion. And we always leave open the possibility of any change. But precisely because our opinions judge and judged do not have evidentiary and scientific weight they must be based on common acceptance of the basis so that their possible changes do not involve painful reversals but small course corrections.

The confusion between its applied

Everything that applies good or bad E-Commerce Photo Editing Service to general cultural and educational policy and perception undoubtedly affects photography as well. But there are many reasons that make the latter more peculiar. An important place among them is the fact that most private or public actors and officials were more drawn to photography than convinced of its artistic quality. As well as the observation that the confusion between its applied or commercial side and its purely artistic dimension is even stronger and darker than in other artistic spaces.

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The tendency to privatize even state

While its very artistic nature which India Lead everyone suddenly agreed on without understanding is extremely complex. A time a few years ago a perception of statism in art prevailed in the formation of our country’s cultural policy. It was proposed to create a series of institutions that would absorb a lot of energy and a lot of money in infrastructure and operational costs undermining the individuality of creation and artists. Fortunately the tendency to privatize even state enterprises put a brake on these ambitions and this era bequeathed us only two institutions which since they exist we must operate them but which are not convincing with their existence.

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