Social commerce refers to an e-commerce practice where consumers place orders for products or services directly through social media platforms Uganda Email List like Instagram. It creates new opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers while increasing sales. If you’re a small business owner, social commerce might allow you to market to your customers in a new way, reach new shoppers, and make additional sales. Learn more Uganda Email List social commerce and how it works. and Examples of Social Commerce In social commerce, consumers can purchase products and services directly through social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Business owners can capitalize on this function to further engage their target markets and drive Uganda Email List customers to their companies’ checkout screens.

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For example, Shopify became the first Uganda Email List -commerce platform to integrate shopping tabs on TikTok. Shopify merchants with a TikTok For Business account can sync their product catalogs to the TikTok-based storefront. While browsing TikTok, users can click links on products and services to get redirected to the store’s online checkout page, where they can complete their purchase.1 How Social Commerce Works Initially created as platforms for connecting with other people, Uganda Email List social media tools have expanded to the e-commerce space. It has become common for businesses to use social media as a marketing tool to cultivate their brand presence, widen their reach, and engage with their target market. Now, companies can also use social media to directly allow consumers to make purchases.

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Marketing and conversion—the number of viewers or visitors who turn into paying customers—has long been a challenge for marketers. The ability to Uganda Email List purchase directly from social networks is an opportunity for businesses to increase their conversion rates.For example, in 2021 Facebook introduced Live Shopping Fridays, which featured certain brands arranged around themes such as fashion or self-care. Consumers would join in on live video streams of product showcases and demos where they could ask questions in real time. They could then undergo Uganda Email List a streamlined checkout process using Facebook’s Shops feature.2

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