Not only … but also, Introduction: ​In addition to being efficient, flexible, and powerful. When it comes to the middle and back offices. There is also a large amount of data that cannot Turkey Phone Number be ignord. The screening and presentation of massive data directly determines the efficiency of decision makers. The author of this article mainly discusses the table design. Which is one of the data presentation methods on the Web side. Based on the table design problems he encountered in his actual work. Tables are a common way of organizing information. It is often use to display, save, compare and analyze, sort, filter, summarize, etc. It is one of the clearest and most efficient forms Turkey Phone Number of data presentation. Consisting of internal and external parts.

Readability Turkey Phone Number

Not only … but also,  Internal: It consists of 3 parts: header, body and footer; External: It consists of three categories: filter area, operation button area, and paging area. After talking Turkey Phone Number about the composition of the table, the table design will be analyzed in terms of readability and operability. 1. Readability 1. Rows and Columns The composition of the table can also be regardd as the free combination of rows and columns, which gives the table the characteristics of diversity. Rows and columns constitute the length and height of the cell, and different lengths and heights Turkey Phone Number will be divide into dnse and dnse, full and breathable. The middle and background of the B-end usually correspond to different roles and scene requirements. According to different purposes and information subjects.

Rows and Columns Turkey Phone Number

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Not only … but also, Users can define the display columns and the order of columns in the table according to their own needs, or through the explicit and implicit changes of rows Turkey Phone Number and columns, To better meet the communication of information. However, it should be note that the system should remember the user’s last custom column setting to reduce repeated operations by the user. For the selection of columns, the number of columns should be reduced as much as possible, not only to display the necessary information of the user, Turkey Phone Number but also to avoid the occurrence of irrelevant data of the user, so as to avoid information redundancy and affect the efficiency of information reading.



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