Other issues such as long lines to pay in physical stores (16% of respondents mention it) or insecurity due to the lack of social distance (12%) are some Czechia B2B List of the concerns that were also observed in the study, in addition to the trends such as the shift towards sustainability have already been observed .Two women look at the mobile and comment on the products in the store. In Spain, on the other hand, 57% of the population considers that they have recently had to face some challenge Czechia B2B List when buying. In this case, in the first position is the problem of lack of stock (16%). Also the increases in the price of many products have been perceived as something negative, something that indisputably goes hand in hand with supply problems worldwide, since the lower the Czechia B2B List supply and the higher the demand, the prices increase.

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The non-availability of products when buying is an increasingly present issue in the latest waves of this study. In fact, Ipsos highlights that 56% of Czechia B2B List the global population will advance their Christmas purchases to prevent products from running out, being more common among parents (67%) than in people who do not have children (50%).46% of consumers believe that covid-19 will affect their purchases According to the study data, once most of the restrictions and perimeter closures Czechia B2B List are lifted, the number of people who believe that COVID-19 will affect the way they shop for the holidays this season decreases considerably. On average, 46% of the world’s population still think that the virus will affect the way they purchase products and services, 12 points lower than last year, when it stood at 58%.

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In Spain, this perception also Czechia B2B List decreases, going from 68% to 40% , one of the biggest drops in the countries analyzed. Even so, the Spanish population is among the European societies that believe that the coronavirus is going to affect the way they buy these holidays the most. 30% declare that they will buy more online than in 2020, although the same percentage of people Czechia B2B List affirm that they will spend more time making purchases in physical stores.

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