Editor’s Guide: When you see a good article or video on the platform. If you want to get the author’s latest developments. You usually France Phone Number click the “Follow” button. Attention is the most common feature in a product, and its design process is quite particular. This article will analyze the focus function from four aspects, hoping to help you. Recently, in order to improve my writing ability, I have read a lot of articles on various content platforms. When I see an author who writes well in the article. I decided to pay attention to it so that I can find the author more quickly in France Phone Number the future. Thinking of this, I just happened to share with you the design process of the “Follow” function.

Detailed Description France Phone Number

Detailed description First of all, let’s imagine what happens when there is no focus on the function? Take browsing articles as an example. When France Phone Number we browse an author’s article on the platform, we think the content of the author’s article is very good, and we hope to read more of the author’s works in the future. At this time, if there is no “Follow” function, in the It is difficult for us to find the author again in the huge amount of information. Then, the “Follow” function can help us solve this problem very well. After we follow the author, in the “Follow” list, France Phone Number we can easily and quickly find the author. The above example is one of the backgrounds for designing this feature.

Common Cases France Phone Number

France Phone Number

In the Chinese dictionary, the word “concern” means to be concerned about, to treat someone or something with practical actions or heart. France Phone Number For our function description, I think it is basically consistent with its own general idea. When we consume some favorite content, we hope to have continuous interaction with the content producer (author), and to The content of its output is more important, so the actual action put into practice is to pay attention to the producers (authors) themselves. 2. Common cases In general, the “Follow” function exists in France Phone Number the user list interface or content details interface, such as PMCAFF’s article details page, Douyin user list page, Xiaohongshu’s content details page, etc.



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