Editor’s introduction: Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s quality of life and the development of technology. The property industry is also constantly Belarus Phone Number changing. Some communities and buildings will register visitors. An easy-to-use visit application system is very important; the author of this article shared Let’s learn about the functional thinking of visiting application. 1. Background With the development of technology, in the process of rapid business development, the property industry also follows this trend and focuses on Belarus Phone Number the development of property management informatization, online workflow, asset management data, etc., to reduce costs and increase efficiency for asset management.

Background Belarus Phone Number

Not only … but also, As the manager of the office building, a good property company can attract high-quality tenants to move in through their professional management and Belarus Phone Number services, and improve the quality and value of the office building. As the first important link of office building property services. Visitor visits will inevitably lead to chaos in office buildings if there is no appropriate and scientific management method. When a visitor enters the building for a certain purpose, a visit application will be triggered. And he needs to go to the front desk to register Belarus Phone Number his information by handwriting, including the date, name, ID number, contact information, reason for the visit, the floor of the visit, and the duration of stay.

Pain Point Analysis Belarus Phone Number

Belarus Phone Number

Not only … but also, After filling in, the property staff will check the information filled in by the visitor. For some property companies with strict management, the visitor needs to show Belarus Phone Number their ID card for verification; and in the face of some special companies or special reasons for the visitor, the property staff needs to communicate with the specific owner. Visitors will only be released after contact and confirmation that the situation is correct. 2. Pain point analysis In view of the above, many office buildings currently use handwritten registration and fill in the “Visit Customer Registration Record Form” for the management of visitor visits, which must cause three major Belarus Phone Number problems: 1) The security of office buildings is difficult to guarantee The first scenario is that the office building is a semi-public area.


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