The first thing that use of emoji. They immediately make the cups you see a lot more lively. If you click through and read the texts, you will notice that the tone of voice is very pleasant. How nice is it, for example, that the page about ‘leaving Blendle’ starts like this:

Saying goodbye to Blendle (from a colleague) and to a colleague (from Blendle) is a very normal and natural thing. When done right, it can even be a beautiful thing. 

It immediately removes any VP Communications Officer Email Lists concerns about leaving the organization. This is also reflected in the rest of the manual: questions and concerns that you have are resolved in a pleasant and understandable way.

How to Get Out of Debt Fast

Which information you should not process is current information. Do you have a staff party in 3 weeks? Rather share this via the channel on which you communicate than in the handbook. This also applies to cur

Chief and VP of Communications Email Lists

With the Help of a Debt Relief

The Voys handbook starts off well, with a word of thanks: “Thank you for making Voys such a fantastic place to work. <3” Well, then you feel welcome right away, don’t you? Here too the tone of voice is pleasant, with a joke here and there to keep it light.

Also notable in this handbook: the timeline. If you have just started working somewhere, it is nice to get to know the organization better in this way. A bit in. It contributes to employee pride, pride to work there and to contribute to the developments that the company makes and has already made.

If you open  is immediately clear what you can find in it. At a glance you see a clear overview with emoji that reinforce the headings. Super nice! Especially if you as an employee are looking for specific information.

Emoji are also found in every part of this handbook, which makes things more lively. On a number of pages you will also come across videos and gifs. The gifs bring humor and video can be a nice means to explain something clearly, sometimes better than text!

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