Wu Xiaobo said in the preface of Cui Cui’s Canada WhatsApp Number List new book. A senior entrepreneur told me that if you want to use a person, if you push him into the boxing ring. Will he beaten with bruises, or even knocked off the stage? thing.

A lot of people think that management is aggressive and powerful. And this feeling makes a lot of people back off. But in fact, management can also be the art of taking a step back .

As the management guru Drucker said, management, in essence, is not a science, but an art, an insight into people and an ability to understand things .

There are many moments when we are out of control and conflict cannot be faced, we can stop, take a step back, and try to see the truth with “management thinking”.

1. Do a good job of separating tasks and manage your energy

In our work, we often encounter such situations:

You made a plan and you were Canada WhatsApp Number List well prepared, but when you and the client talked about the disagreement, the client questioned you. When you calm down afterwards, you will be very annoyed again: “I clearly had a plan at the time, but it was my fault that I wasn’t confident enough, not smart enough, and didn’t perform well!”

We often fall into passive situations like this, unable to extricate ourselves, and even affect our ability to act. Because we feel the dissatisfaction of others, we feel guilty inside: “It’s all because of me.”

Once we have this kind of thinking,

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Canada WhatsApp Number List

We will spend all our most precious energy on denying ourselves, and lose the direction and motivation of precise efforts.

At this time, “division of labor” used. Whether the customer is angry or not is the customer’s trouble, and I should not be responsible for it. To add the customer’s troubles to yourself is to make a mistake in the division of labor.

Not being responsible for the troubles of others allows us to get rid of the burdens that we should not bear and be ourselves easily.

There a university teacher who very entangled for a while and felt that he “deeply sinful”.

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