Your time is precious and your time is limited. However, the demand for your time is constantly increasing, especially. In the social media world. So, are you planning to make social media a priority in the coming year? Where should you focus? The answer to this question .Is unique to you in some ways. The candidate audience you want to CFO Email Lis own career goals will influence your social media priorities for the coming year. But to give you some thought here’s a list of social. Media priorities I think are worth considering this year that should provide fertile. Ground for nurturing your own social media action plan. Linkedin has recently CFO Email Lis changes. As much as the way your profile information is displayed. Crucially – and possibly making this one of your social. Media priorities – is the new ability for users to customize their prof makes like video.

While Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter continue

While Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter continue to grab the headlines, Google+ has been quietly building a massive user base. Of course, there are plenty of rarely used accounts – but don’t you have the same “inactive” problem on other social media platforms?  for people to gather and interact on topics of interest. I expect this to have a CFO Email List levels in the coming year. But the most important issue to me — and probably what makes this one of your social media priorities — is the overlap between Google+ and Google search results. Can you afford your recruiting brand not to show up in Google search results? Professionally, can you afford to have your own name not appear in relevant search results?

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This is a change that has passed many times. You’ve seen profiles with a new look, but are you aware of the new options that are opening up to you in terms of how your profiles are displayed? If not, maybe it’s time to investigate further. I know I’ll be devoting my time over the next few weeks to fix this. One of Twitter’s biggest drawbacks is the CFO Email Lis If you want to go back and search for previously shared candidate interactions or articles, so far this has been difficult since the search function only showed the last week of tweet history. But with Twitter giving users the ability to download archives of their entire Twitter history, one of your social media priorities this year maybe getting hold of your archives and figuring out what new social engagements that information can lead to.

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