Editor’s introduction: When you are using an app or browsing a web page. You are either crazy about a certain design of a product, or you can’t complain about some points. Products that pay attention to the product experience in the dtails are often praise by users. And if you can discover these Azerbaijan Phone Number details. Learn and apply them to the optimization and improvement of your own products within the scope of your ability, then you are great! Design is not a puzzle. Going deeper, there are many details that need to be scrutinized, and the logic and meaning behind these details are more worthy of attention. The product mainly emphasizes the interaction with Azerbaijan Phone Number people. Users realize their own purposes through the operation of the product, such as double-clicking, sliding, pressing, etc., and the operation is generally based on the function of the product.

The Main Operation Azerbaijan Phone Number

Whether the functions provided by the product better meet the needs of users? Operation details and functional details are inseparable. Functions affect the Azerbaijan Phone Number user’s operation, and the operation details are more reflected in the user’s needs. feel. 1. “Taobao” is out of stock – the main operation button is not grayed out 1. Product experience When Taobao selects a product you like. If the product is out of stock, the text of the main operation button will become a prompt of “out of stock. Remind the shopkeeper to deliver”. 2. Design Thinking In Azerbaijan Phone Number addition to eating the most important thing, the next step should be online shopping. Of course, this is also based on your own economic conditions or good “credit”.

Design Thinking Azerbaijan Phone Number

Azerbaijan Phone Number

do not have? Taobao APP reminds users in a friendly way. When we need to place an order and find that it is out of stock, Taobao does not use a gray button Azerbaijan Phone Number that cannot be clicked. On the contrary, the button is made more conspicuous, and the text prompt “out of stock, remind the shopkeeper to deliver” can also arouse the user’s desire to click, so that the whole process can continue, instead of ending here, causing the user to be overwhelmed. One thing we all know in our hearts is that there is no need for user reminders at all, Azerbaijan Phone Number and merchants must be more aware of whether the goods are out of stock. The purpose of this is to facilitate users to continue to complete the operation of the main process.


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