Introduction: Friends. Do you still remember the . H5 event that constantly refreshes the screen in the circle of friends. As an Denmark Phone Number Internet designer, unsatisfactory tears flowed from the corners of my mouth, greedy and envious! The same nine-year compulsory education, why is the effect of other people’s activities so good. When others do it, it will explode, but when you do it yourself, it will fail. What elements does an excellent H5 contain? Denmark Phone Number The following is a. Sharing of the ideas of this H5 case that has stepped on countless pits. Hoping to bring inspiration to everyone and avoid stepping on pits again. Outline: Event overview theme idea visual style design Interactive.

Activity Overview: Overview Denmark Phone Number

Motion Design About adaptation Data review summary 1. Activity overview: OVERVIEW Why do H5 activities? This event was organized Denmark Phone Number by Ping An Bank’s corporate business center and Planet B, with the newly designed IP image Bulbboy and family members dispatched by IT to the corporate as the carrier. The event aims to promote the products of the corporate business middle-end. The IT-to-government dispatche IP-Bulbboy and its family Denmark Phone Number brand image dsigned by the wowdsign team is combind with the Bulbboy pop-up card event, and the online and offline joint operation promotes the corporate business middle-end. 2. Theme idea.

Theme Idea: H5 Theme Denmark Phone Number

Denmark Phone Number

H5 THEME 1. H5 type selection What kind of event themes grab the user’s attention? What kind of content resonates with users? It can Denmark Phone Number be reposte voluntarily and is willing to use this virtual activity to show friends and express themselves. Therefore the choice of the direction of the activity is particularly important. We have classified the existing H5 activities in the market, analyzed which pain points of users they have captured, and obtained directions from them. 1) Test class It meets the needs of users to understand themselves at a low Denmark Phone Number cost and interestingly. 2) News Hotspots Using hot topics and events as materials, it is characterized by high timeliness



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