The final decision ensured that it would be the result of a debate in which consensus would be sought among all the parties involved “.Afterwards, the aas reaches Seychelles Email List out to the government and is open to collaboration with the administration, provided it is through a collaborative and self-regulatory path. ” The advertising industry cannot be stigmatized or curtailed in its recovery and, even more so, after the accused period with the COVID Seychelles Email List 19 pandemic that has affected advertising investments so much,” he continues to explain.”This sector, on which there are already multiple restrictive self-regulation codes , is also a multiplier of economic value with direct and Seychelles Email List indirect effects on the business fabric,” they point out.

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The College del Parqueting i la Seychelles Email List Comunicación de Catalonia pronounces on the controversy From the Col·legi del Parqueting i la Comunicació de Catalunya they have launched a statement to join “this cause to fight against this problem of society” , referring to obesity and childhood overweight.”On the other hand, we want to record that advertising has historically demonstrated its ability to adapt to legislative changes , and we believe that companies and Seychelles Email List consumers have to find the balance point in order to contribute to this cause,” he says.”Finally, we want to value the ability of advertising to positively influence the responsible use of products and services and to influence awareness of healthy practices,” concludes the text.

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Young people are the most Seychelles Email List aware On average, more than a third (34%) of the world’s population is willing to pay more for sustainable products or services and would accept an increase in the amount of up to 25%. Once again, younger generations lead the way, as a higher proportion of Millennials (42%) and Gen Z (39%) are willing to pay for Seychelles Email List sustainability compared to Gen X (31%) and the Baby Boomers (26%). In terms of price, Gen Z (32% increase) and Millennials (31% increase) are willing to pay more than twice as much as Baby Boomers (14% increase) and a third more than Generation X (21% increase).

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