.From the discovery of the COVID-19 (serious special infectious pneumonia, new coronary pneumonia, Wuhan pneumonia) epidemic at the end of 2019, it quickly spread to many countries around the world in early 2020, and gradually became a global p It clearly shows that it is the child’s right to visit and maintain a relationship with both parents. Children’s loss of relatives and visitation affect physical and mental health From the perspective of the physical and mental impact of minor children: after the parents separate or divorce. If they fail to continue to meet and

psychologically uneasy, it is difficult to focus on life and studies,

resulting in difficulties in all ment to change the conditions and methods when the visit is Portugal Phone Number negotiated, it should be implemented in accordance with the previous agreement and in line with the government’s epidemic prevention measures. The risk of problems, such as the fact that the visited party uses this as an. Excuse to request a change of parentage and direct delivery of the child. The Taoyuan City Helping

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If they are worried about the risk of infection of their

It is common to change to video, Workarounds such as phone calls or reduce the use of public. Ransportation. pick up and drop off by yourself. Avoid going in and out of public places. Wear masks. Wash hands andrents should understand that “visiting rights” are an important channel for children to obtain famil.

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