How does the beauty country tide go overseas? There are many successful cases of Guochao beauty brands going overseas. The first Guochao beauty brands to go overseas are Herborist and Yunifang. They have done repeated experiments before going overseas. According to the statistics of 2018, many Guochao beauty brands choose to go overseas after accumulating some experience. Let’s take a look at how Guochao brands go overseas.

No matter how many ways of products Russia Mobile Number go overseas, brands that go overseas need to have products that they can produce, because in the fierce market competition, only with their own brand characteristics can they occupy a favorable position among the brands going overseas. To help companies increase their foreign trade income, beauty brands must be able to adapt to the needs of the market. Of course, there may be some challenges for beauty brands. Maybe Guochao brands sell quite well in their own countries, but they may not be in other countries. Popular, so to innovate new beauty products.

How does the Channels

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should think about what the development direction of Guochao  is, and analyze the target audience countries for beauty Guochao to go overseas. For example, the consumer group in Southeast Asia is younger and suitable for Guochao to go overseas. It can be used as a development target. Chaozhou can also use a certain network, such as online sales, to establish its own independent station, conduct cross-border trade, establish Guochao brand sales points, promote demographic dividends, and promote the development of foreign trade.

Logistics can rely on the logistics of the sea-going places, because this can exempt the corresponding tariffs, the price is relatively cheap, and the infrastructure of the sea-going country can be used to form a convenient transportation network.


If the products and logistics are do well, then we can consider the issue of marketing, because if the beauty country tide wants to go overseas, it needs to work hard in marketing. Only in this way can we quickly occupy the market in an unfamiliar environment. At the same time, some Guochao beauty platforms are place on some e-commerce platforms, which can improve brand competitiveness.

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