Editor’s introduction: In the creation of user labeling system. The self-defined labels are limited and cannot completely solve all Philippines Phone Number problems; therefore, allowing users to create their own labels will be more suitable for the business; the author of this article shared how to support the Users create their own tags, let’s take a look. ” Not only … but also, Let users create their own user tags, which is an important way to solve the problem that the tags are not rich Philippines Phone Number and do not fit the business.

What Is a Custom Label Philippines Phone Number

In previous articles, I have introduced the calculation logic of some commonly use user tags. Such as “How to Calculate User Interest Tags” ; Philippines Phone Number however, by raising demand, developing new tags one by one, the development cycle is long and the labor consumption is large. How to solve this dilemma and realize the rapid launch of various labels? Today, let’s talk with you about how to support users to create labels by themselves in a productized way. As a matter of fact, What is a custom label First of all, what is a custom tag? Let’s take a screenshot of a custom Philippines Phone Number label created by a company in the industry: This is actually a typical custom label creation process. Through this picture, it means get to the custom label.

Second, the Classification Philippines Phone Number

Philippines Phone Number

Right? The so-called custom label is actually compared to the label generated by traditional research and development. The biggest difference is that Philippines Phone Numbers users can flexibly configure labels based on their own business scenarios in a productized way. Without the intervention of research and development. . In like manner, As for the application scenarios and application methods of tags after users create tags, they are no different from traditional R&D tags. Second, the classification Philippines Phone Number of custom tags What are the types of custom labels? From the large creation logic, it can be subdivided into two categories.



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