Good old Nathan explains to his new friend all the ins and outs and traditions of a holiday that is totally alien to Skye: Christmas. Despite Croatia Email List the fact that the covid-19 pandemic is still far from seeing the end, in many developed countries the situation is gradually returning to normal. The contagions have been reduced notably thanks to the massive vaccination and the Croatia Email List restrictions are less and less. This can be seen in the activity on the streets and Croatia Email List in the shops, which are once again filled with customers.

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With Christmas just around the Croatia Email List corner, one of the busiest periods, the market research company Ipsos wanted to analyze how consumers approach Christmas shopping. As reflected in its Essentials study in its latest wave, the reactivation of consumption Croatia Email List has caused a “mismatch between supply and demand.” The sample in this study is made up of about 1,000 individuals from 16 countries , including Germany, Canada, the Croatia Email List United States, France, India and Japan, Spain, South Korea, Italy, China, Mexico, South Africa and Russia.

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The challenges facing the Christmas Croatia Email List season Globally, 61% of the people interviewed state that they have faced some challenge in the purchases they have made recently , placing the price in the first place. In this sense, 23% declare that they have perceived an increase in prices in recent weeks. Second, 20% of consumers mention the lack of stock of some Croatia Email List products. In other words, 1 in 5 people admit to having problems with the lack of supplies when making their purchases.

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