Never normal’ is an associative collection of short articles with main vision and tile wisdom. Inspiring, divining, provocative, but not with your feet in the clay or your hands on the bed. But hey. You do innovation today, not yesterday, not Greece WhatsApp Number List tomorrow. Grab the chances. Curious about this book? Want to know more about ‘Never Normal  Uncommon Ideas for Leaders.

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Who Won’t Settle for the Status Quo’, by Greg Verdino? Order the book via (affiliate) Read 2 comments Others also read Felix Holzapfel: “Digital transformation is not rocket science” Do you really want to become future-proof?

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Greece WhatsApp Number List

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Start with the intranet Cara Antoine: “Don’t create a new crisis with your business” About the author, Eric van den Berg of ISI Media Eric van den Berg advises and trains organizations from his company ISI Media that are struggling to orchestrate the coherence of (online) communication.

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