Editor’s introduction: As online shopping has become the first choice for people to buy things. The competition of major platforms Oman Phone Number has gradually shifted to improving the user experience. No matter what you buy, eventually you have to go through the process of placing an order. An efficient and reasonable ordering process can often make the consumer experience smooth. Thereby enhancing the favorability of the platform, and then willing to use it for a long time. This is a very worthwhile study. Recently, I encountered many problems in Oman Phone Number the process of optimizing the ordering process of the mall. Through continuous exploration, I also have a deeper understanding of the entire module.

Splitting and Sorting of the Oman Phone Number

I hope that the summary can bring you some Inspired. The following will explain from the proposition of the goal, combined with the explanation Oman Phone Number of the case, and finally to the way of drawing a conclusion. The purchase step at the end of the funnel model is the key to purchase conversion. However, because some products do not have a systematic and profound understanding of the process. There will be many confusing operations, making the ordering process quite confusing. I have also experienced a similar shopping situation. After a round of mystery operations, I finally placed the order, but later I would worry about whether the thing Oman Phone Number I just bought was wrong. Regarding the optimization of the process, the principle we follow is: first make the process reasonable, and then improve the efficiency of each step of the user’s operation.

Second, the First Step Oman Phone Number

Oman Phone Number

How to understand it reasonably? The following two problems must be solve. What steps are involve in the entire ordr placement process? Oman Phone Number What is the logical relationship between the steps? We need to gain insight into how processes are connected, how information progresses layer by layer and finally achieves its purpose. Because only when each link solves the corresponding problem, the flow can be more worry-free when it is transferred to the next link. In order to avoid repeated confirmation of information, affect the efficiency of the operation and even cause errors. Efficiency can be divide into three dimensions for consieration. The first is the Oman Phone Number improvement of the key points of the page layout, the second is the improvement of the intuitive information display, and the third is the improvement of the efficiency of the simplified interactive operation.



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