The spot once again bears the signature of the LEGO in-house creativity team , the production company Stink Paris and the Traktor group of directors. The Honduras Email List post-production of the ad is being carried out by MPC. If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click hereThe new installment of “Rebuild the World” will make its way across multiple channels : television, digital media, Snapchat, outdoor advertising, e-commerce and LEGO stores. And Honduras Email List there will also be formats of a “shoppable” nature that will allow the viewer to know where exactly they can buy the sets that are portrayed in the spot.

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Also part of the campaign are two sets Honduras Email List that, through a series of instructions, can be transformed into something completely different. For example, the LEGO Friends Fortune Teller Magical Caravan can be transformed into an electric sports car. And the Technic Monster Jam Digger Pullback can be rebuilt to become a fighter plane. Both products can be Honduras Email List purchased on the “Rebuild the World” website .

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“Like everything we do, this campaign is inspired by Honduras Email List children whose extraordinary imaginations show that the world is indeed full of possibilities, ” explains Julia Goldin, LEGO chief product & marketing officer. “Regardless of what the passion is for kids, cars, animals, superheroes, the arts or whatever, with LEGO they can explore and rebuild the Honduras Email List world while developing skills like creative resilience and communication,” he says.Covirán has congratulated Christmas this year by launching last Thursday , December 16, a commercial entitled “We have to talk . ” The spot has followed in the wake of the previous one, has a strategic focus and brings great relevance to the values ​​of proximity to the Cooperativa community and its supermarkets.

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