During his presentation, the also founder of WPP did not want to fail to mention the importance of making the sector more sustainable. Thus, he Ecuador Email List explained that his group, S4 Capital, is reducing its carbon footprint by 40% thanks to remote work driven by the pandemic.In addition, he has asked for a greater consensus between Washington Ecuador Email List and Beijing in order to avoid more trade tensions, referring to what happened the week before COP26. To be more specific, Joe Biden accused Xi Jinping of “turning his back” on the climate crisis by missing both the Climate Summit and the G20 meeting.

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“The irony is that the only leaders in 2035 will surely not be personalities like President Biden or others who were at COP26, but will be Presidents Xi and Putin. That’s Ecuador Email List the problem. Therefore, trying to achieve some readjustment between the two most powerful economies on the planet will be the real problem, “he concludes. Finally the inevitable happens and Skye returns home . Nathan then has to say goodbye to his friend, who seems to have come from another Ecuador Email List planet to remind him of how important Christmas is.

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As is customary in John Lewis’s Christmas commercials, the British brand’s new spot is infused with the chords of a music Ecuador Email List classic: the 1984 song “Together in Electric Dreams” by Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder. This iconic song is reinterpreted in the ad by 20-year-old British singer Lola Young. Produced by Smuggler, “Unexpected Guest” featured the good work of Alderman Mark Molloy behind the camera.Beyond television, the new John Lewis Christmas spot Ecuador Email List will also be released on other channels, including cinemas and social media . The campaign also includes activations at the point of sale and filters for Snapchat.

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