If you cannot correctly view the embedded video, click here The opportunities offered by an event like Web Summit The attendees of the Comoros Email List Web Summit , whether they are investment funds, startups or established brands, are aware of the opportunities offered by a meeting like this. “You get a lot of startup ideas that can be replicated in your country,” says Ismael El-Qudsi , CEO of SocialPubli . “They are business models that perhaps do not yet exist in Spain , or you Comoros Email List can seek alliances by being classified by areas”, he points out, and later admits that agreements can be closed “because they are usually very open people.”

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“ Portugal is doing super well Comoros Email List when it comes to attracting talent, investors and startups . Everything well that Spain is not doing, Portugal is doing great. Everyone speaks English. As a country, we have to put the batteries “, he concludes.For its part, popin_ coincides in the search for trends in innovation, creativity, content and social networks. “It allows us to see the trends that Comoros Email List are moving in Europe and that small advance in the United States before it continues and trying to go one step ahead of the competition”, declares Ibay Prieto , Creative Area Manager of the company.

Comoros Email List

«After the pandemic, we Comoros Email List created not a metaverse, but a virtualization of spaces that has helped our clients a lot, especially at a commercial level because it allowed precisely that, that you create a mini world much simpler than the metaverse, something where you could work in a different way with your content and with your brand “, says Carlos Álvaro Arregui , Head Comoros Email List of Business at popin_.

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