How to formulate the KPI/OKR of the design team? When it comes to KPI design, let’s first ask ourselves why designers need KPIs.

Is it because the business team has it, so we need it too? Or are we unable to accurately assess the designer’s work? The results of different designers are so different that we need a unified measurement standard? Or do we need designers to understand their strengths or gaps with other designers and help them grow? The existence of KPI must be to solve one or some problems. In the face of different design teams, KPI design ideas are also different.

First of all, we divide the team according to the size of the team, which is divided into “small-scale team” and “large-scale team”.

The reason for the division by team size is that in any type of management, we face a problem of “range of management”.

The “range of management” refers to the number of indicators that managers can effectively supervise and manage their direct subordinates. Once a certain limit is exceeded, the subordinates cannot be effectively managed. It is generally believed in management science that a person can directly manage no more than 7 people. , once this number is exceeded, it is necessary to increase the management level to meet the needs of effective management.

small team

Therefore, we call a team of less than 7 people a small team. According to my understanding, such a team does not need KPIs.

But there is a prerequisite for this, that is, there is a qualified team manager. To be qualified, he must meet some basic conditions:

1. Understand the capabilities of each Malaysia Phone Number subordinate, and if necessary, set capability labels based on capability distribution.

A large part of the work of team managers is to assign and process tasks. Reasonable assignment of tasks can maximize team effectiveness. The premise of reasonable assignment is to let the right people do the right things.


2. Help subordinates formulate appropriate career plans according to their development wishes.

Some people yearn for success, some people yearn for poetry and distance, which does not prevent him from becoming an excellent person. The same is true for team members. Some people yearn for professional improvement, while others expect management empowerment. As a leader, you need to have accurate insights into team members, and combine their expectations with the company’s vision.

3. Effectively manage the process and take responsibility for the results.

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Due to the limitations of work content and positions, employees usually cannot have a clear understanding and judgment of the overall situation. Effective process management is to improve value output from a higher perspective and achieve team goals.

If a small-scale team does not perform well for a long time, the primary consideration is not to add KPIs to designers, but that the team management needs to be replaced.

large team

Next, let’s talk about “large-scale teams.” A large-scale team refers to a team that directly manages more than 7 people. With the expansion of the organization, we have to increase the management level to meet the requirements of effective management.

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