Website is one of the important pillars in today’s activities, especially online business. Website is like the backbone for online business because it has a very important function and role. Therefore it is very important to increase the website’s ranking on Google so that the traffic will be more crowded. Most business owners focus too much on keywords as their SEO strategy. Even though this is not quite right, if you also do the same thing and don’t get satisfactory results, maybe you need to look for other significant factors that affect your website’s ranking in search results. The search results algorithm is not only influenced by keywords. But there are also many other factors that have an influence on your website’s ranking in search results.

What is Website Usability

Some of them are how long the audience spends on the website, broken links, number of views, bounce rate, quality of inbound and outbound links, and many more. Therefore, in this article we will discuss several ways to increase website ranking on Google that you can use. But before that, we will discuss a little about what Website Usability is. Contents hide Thailand Phone Number List What  is Website Usability? 1.1 Effectiveness 1.2 Efficiency 1.3 Memorability 1.4 Error Prevention 2 Surefire Ways to Increase Website Ranking on Google 2.1 1. Optimization to Mobile Version 2.2 2. Conduct an SEO Audit 2.3 3. Fix Loading Time 2.3.1 Image File Size 2.3.2 Scripts 2.3.3 Browser Cache 2.4 4. Fix Broken Links 2.5 5. Make the appropriate anchor text 2.6 6.


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Optimizing articles or content on your website What is Website Usability? Website usability is a combination of various website elements related to conversion. Some of the website elements are: Effectiveness Do visitors immediately get the information they want when they stop by your website? For example, can they call customer care or buy the product they want in less than 10 seconds? Increase Website Ranking SEO is very important to increase the ranking of your website on Google Efficiency India Lead Efficiency is the addition of effectiveness. How long does it take consumers to complete their activity (buying a product, for example) on your website? If your website does not allow consumers to buy products in a short time, consumers will most likely leave your website.

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