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A node.js core is secure, but when you install third-party packages, the way you configure, install, and deploy may require additional security to protect web applications from hackers. To give you an idea, 83% of Snyk users found one or more vulnerabilities in their application. Snyk is one of the popular node.js security scanning platforms.

And other latest research shows ~14% of the entire npm ecosystem was affected .

In my previous article, I mentioned finding security vulnerabilities in a Node.js application, and many of you asked about remediating/securing them.

So here you go…

snyk can be integrated with GitHub, Jenkins, Circle CI, Tarvis, Code Ship, Bamboo to find and fix known vulnerabilities.

You can understand your application dependencies and monitor alerts in real time when a risk is found in your code.

At a high level, Snyk provides complete security protection, including the following.


Find vulnerabilities in the code

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Monitor code in real time
Fix vulnerable dependencies
Receive notifications when a new weakness affects your application.
Collaborate with your team members
Snyk maintains its own vulnerability database, and currently supports Node.js, Ruby, Scala, Python, PHP, .NET, Go, etc.

Jscrambler takes an interesting and unique approach to providing the code and integrity of the web page on the client side.

Jscrambler makes your web application self- defensive to combat fraud, prevent runtime code modification, data leakage, and protect yourself from business and reputation loss.

Another interesting feature is the application logic, and the data is transformed to be difficult to understand and hidden on the client side. This makes it difficult to guess the algorithm, technologies used in the application .

Some of the Jscrambler featured include the following.


Real-time detection notification and protection


Protection against code China Phone Number injection, DOM manipulation, man-in-the-browser, bots, zero-day attacks
Credential, credit card, private data loss prevention
Prevention of malware injection
Jscrambler supports most JavaScript Frameworks like Angular, Ionic, Meteor, Vue.js, React, Express, Socket, React, Koa, etc.

So go ahead and try to bulletproof your JavaScript Application .

Cloudflare WAF
Cloudflare’s WAF (Web Application Firewall) protects your web applications from the cloud (network edge). You don’t have to install anything in your node app.

There are three types of WAF rules you get.

OWASP: To protect an application from the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
Custom Rules: You can define the rule.
Cloudflare Specials – Rules defined by Cloudflare based on the application.
By using Cloudflare , you add no security to your site and take advantage of their fast CDNs for better content delivery. Cloudflare WAF is available on the Pro plan, which costs $20 per month.

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