“We want to not only normalize leaks but also celebrate them,” explains Joanna Griffiths, Founder and CEO of Knix. “Menstrual hygiene Rwanda Email List ads Russian Federation Email List often play with pregnancy or embarrassment caused by the period and we wanted to do just the opposite. That is why we created a hymn that bordered the words blood, sweat and urine with strength and Russian Federation Email List not with shame. This is something important Rwanda Email List because it changes the narrative of people who menstruate, have incontinence or simply sweat, “he emphasizes. If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here

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Knix’s ad , initialed by the Rwanda Email List Hard Work Club agency and christened “Everybody in Leakproof,” shows women of all shapes and sizes dancing to a Russian Federation Email List powerful and catchy hymn sung by rapper Exmiranda. The latest from Knix , which will be broadcast on television and in online media in the United States and Canada, coincides with the opening of the firm’s first physical store in Santa Monica , which will be followed by more stores in San Francisco Rwanda Email List nd San Diego . “The ‘brief’ was to release leak-proof underwear from shame and make it an everyday thing,” says Meghan Kraemer, partner and creative director of the Hard Work Club, in statements to Muse .

Rwanda Email List

“We could have approached the Rwanda Email List subject in a more serious and formal way using a voice-over that emphasized that the leaks are perfectly human, but we ended up realizing that we not only wanted to talk about blood, sweat and urine, we wanted to sing about them, “he adds.Johnnie Walker has partnered with Netflix to launch a limited edition bottle of Red Rwanda Email List Label whiskey that is dedicated to one of the most “marathoned” series on the famous video streaming platform : La casa de papel .This very special limited edition is a kind of appetizer for the premiere of the last five chapters of the series, which will be released on Netflix on December 3 .

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