2 Employee issues: It’s bad enough if you discover your workers (or worse, your company principals) have broken the law. But if that fact goes public, it Colombia Phone Number List can seriously harm your company’s reputation. and defective products: You want your products and services to be top-notch. But if you have to recall a product, or if you receive bad publicity for faulty work, you have to not only fix the problem (and manage potential legal issues) but Colombia Phone Number List repair the damage to your reputation. Negative social media posts: A customer can post a negative or inaccurate review on a social media site such as Yelp, or an employee may write something embarrassing about your company. Workplace accidents:

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Accidents can be particularly damaging if they involve Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) citations or other evidence Colombia Phone Number List of safety issues. For instance, an employee of your construction business could be injured in a trench collapse that could have been prevented with proper shoring. Your Company’s Reputation Many business owners don’t think about their company’s reputation until it’s already been damaged by negative publicity. This is a mistake. The Colombia Phone Number List best time to protect your firm’s reputation is before a damaging event occurs. Here are some tips:

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Identify potentially damaging events: You don’t need to pinpoint every threat, just the ones most likely to occur. You can use the list outlined Colombia Phone Number List above as a starting point. Decide customer issue responses: If you get a negative Yelp review, you can do a number of things: You can ignore the post, ask satisfied customers to post positive reviews, or offer to right any perceived wrongs. If the reviewer has made false statements (for example, the health department’s Colombia Phone Number List purported bad grade), you should counteract with facts. Institute a clear social media policy: Specify who can access your firm’s social media accounts, who can post content, and what message you want to convey when communicating about your company. Your social media policy Colombia Phone Number List should also describe how workers should behave online.

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