I’ve tried all three of the methods presented in this Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List post with my friend, so no theory. By the time you get to the end of this article, I hope you will be able to organize brainstorming sessions with your colleagues and clients and create something worthwhile together.

For example, an idea for a new mobile app or designing a meeting agenda.

general principles

Don’t be surprised to notice that all Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List brainstorming techniques have a lot in common. While the “rituals” vary, the essence is the same. Participants view the topic from different perspectives and come up with ideas. They write down their thoughts and then sort or prioritize them. I know, sounds as easy as pie, doesn’t it? But that’s the thing. Brainstorming will not work without the rules of the game.

It all boils down to three key principles:

  1. The more the better. The goal of brainstorming is quantity, which later becomes quality. The more ideas a team generates, the more options it gets. This is normal when two or more participants say the same thing. It’s normal if some ideas are interesting. The facilitator’s job is to encourage people to share what’s hidden in their hearts.

No criticism. 

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List
Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List
  1. The goal of brainstorming is to generate a set of ideas. All ideas are welcome. The boss has no right to silence his subordinates. Analysts should not make fun of colleagues’ “wonderful” visions. Designers should not challenge the usability of teammate suggestions.
  2. Follow the steps. Only goal-directed and time-bound activities are productive, and often uncontrolled creativity fails suddenly. To create a miracle, organize the best conditions for it.

The following are general slides that can be used as an introduction to any brainstorming technique:

Now, when the principles are clear, you decide who will be involved. The quick answer is diversity. Invite as many different experts as possible, including business owners, analysts, marketers, developers, salespeople, potential or real users. All participants should be related to or interested in the topic. Otherwise, they will fantasize about topics they never deal with and don’t want to deal with.

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