Address small problems quickly: Small issues can become big problems if they’re not resolved right away. A few cockroaches in a commercial Czech Republic Phone Number List kitchen can quickly become an infestation. Likewise, a complaint about a defective product could indicate a manufacturing problem that left uncorrected, could eventually trigger a formal recall. Create a cybersecurity plan: The Federal Communications Commission offers an online resource called the Small Biz Cyber Planner to help you create a customized cybersecurity plan, or you can hire an expert to audit your business’s Czech Republic Phone Number List potential risks and exposure. Your plan should include a process for securing sensitive data on your network, website and within your payment systems. It should also address scams, fraud, and employee security, along with a process for responding to incidents. Seek help Czech Republic Phone Number List from online reputation companies:

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These companies can monitor for reputation damage, help you suppress bad reviews, news stories, or social media posts, and raise your overall Czech Republic Phone Number List online profile. Some small businesses have sued negative online reviewers. Others have asked the courts to compel Yelp to remove reviews. In most cases, First Amendment protections have prevailed, according Czech Republic Phone Number List to Yelp, and it’s not clear the ensuing publicity about the disputed review doesn’t do even more harm.Can Insurance Help? You may be wondering if standard insurance policies protect you against reputational damage. Not usually, no. General liability policies cover your Czech Republic Phone Number List business against lawsuits. In other words, when it’s alleged your business has harmed someone else, a liability policy will cover that third party’s damages and your legal fees, but not the effects an incident may have on your business.

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There is such a thing as standalone reputational harm insurance, but it’s not clear how available these are to small businesses. Small business Czech Republic Phone Number List owners may be able to cobble together limited protections through other forms of insurance, though many find the cost of special policies prohibitive. For example, a cyber liability policy will cover the fees Czech Republic Phone Number List charged by a public relations firm hired to help minimize negative publicity related to a data breach. But 42% of small businesses surveyed by the Insurance Information Institute and J.D. Power in 2019 said they didn’t get such coverage because it was too expensive.4

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